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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Now (they) do what they told (them)
Oddly enough, I don't blame the soldiers for this, because that's how you're taught in the military. And I understand that people can get all kinds of disguises and maybe even pull them off seamlessly. But ... damn. The bureau chief confirmed that these guys were legit.

[Courtesy of E&P, via Romenesko]
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Didn’t see THIS coming
Then again, I NEVER wear socks unless it's butt-cold out ...
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Keeping up with the Joneses
Finally, my 100 things [UPDATED 11/13/07]:

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Your government, hard at work
From Kaffy, with the note: "This is the kind of thing that makes me physically ill." (See here.)

Six more months, people. Six more months, and maybe we'll get our country back.
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Monday, May 17, 2004
Would YOU work if you had this?
I took this picture a week ago and wanted to see how this "upload images" thingy works. Anyway, this is Rube, and this is what he does when I'm working.

Could you just DIE from the cuteness?
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Throw Mother from the car, pt. 1
Another thing about raising an elderly mother: She tends to remember things a lot differently from you, and most of the time? She remembers things like she would've liked them to happen, not how they actually DID happen.

Par example, today, we were driving to pick up baby presents for the showers I have this weekend, and we got to talking about when Dad died, like we do at least once every time we see each other. And today, she tells me that at one point when Dad was in the hospital, he told her that he hoped I never put her through what I was putting him through.
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Sunday, May 16, 2004
Yubyubyub boo-yah!
So, for my inaugural bike ride on the Raleigh SC30? Twice around the block. Allegedly, once around is supposed to be a mile, according to Greta, who used to walk it, but I'm kinda thinking not. It took me about 15 minutes to go around twice, with the wind whipping at me from the south. Yeah, so, I'm a little out of shape. At least I don't look like a total retard riding, although I must admit, after 14 years of not being on a bike, it was a little dicey in spots.

I covered a high school prom's pre-festivities Friday night. Discovery? I'm turning into Mother, too.
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Saturday, May 15, 2004
We got crazies up in here
Picture this: Both boys are on the desk; Elliott's trying to eat the La Creme Mousse I'm dipping my strawberries in, and Rube's rubbing his cheek on the monitor, making it his bitch. Meanwhile, I'm trying to write one of two stories I have before I head into the great unknown Northwest Suburbs for Sammy's bon voyage.

On the plus side, I picked up my bike today. Woo! I'm so riding tomorrow. The downside, however, is that since the landlords won't let me just keep it behind the stairs out front, I'm going to have to haul it up and down when I want to ride. Sigh. I guess I'll get two workouts in one.

Now Rube's making the strawberries his bitches. What is UP with this!?!?
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Friday, May 14, 2004
Whoa, too accurate, except about the stoned part
I TOTALLY had one of these when I was a kid, too!
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Rain, rain … yeah, you know the drill
Why is it on the day that I'm going to pick up my snazzy new ride and take the afternoon to get acquainted, it's, like, 30 degrees and raining? Pppppppppphhhhhhbbbbt.
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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Heebin’ my head off
You'd think the boys would do a little more about earning their keep besides being the most beautiful boys on earth: I'm watching a "Cops" marathon (hey, shut-UP, man; we ain't got no stinkin' cable in Chez Broad) and the Little Guy gets all squirrelly and starts stalking the lamp on the end table. I look at what he's looking at, and it seems one of the big, creepy spiders that was crawling around the ceiling this afternoon had made its big creepy way into my lamp. Well, before I know it, he knocks the lamp over trying to get the beast, only to run away after the lamp comes crashing down. (Rube, meanwhile, is laying on the preferred spot of the couch, looking at us both like we're high on crack.) Long story short, I Raided the fucker and put him in an empty Gatorade bottle, but now I've got a serious case of the crawlies. Bleagh.
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Econ 101
Had two good assignments today, one a violin shop owner and the second a Nobel Laureate in economics at my alma mater. I've never been one for economics -- a gander at my bank account will back that up -- but this guy, Joe Stiglitz, a Gary native and now a professor at Columbia, put a whole bunch of things in perspective. For example:

-- Our leader Shrub took a 2 percent budget surplus and turned it into a 5 percent deficit in three years.
-- We can piss and moan all we want about outsourcing, but we've been putting the screw to other countries far longer -- unintentionally, sure, but screws are screws. See, according to Stiglitz, the United States pays about 25,000 cotton farmers between $3 billion and $4 billion in subsidies each year for them to produce buttloads of the stuff. When output goes up, demand goes down, naturally, so what happens to the 10 million cotton farmers in Africa and all over the world whose only crop is cotton? They get fucked. But the kick in the ass? When someone went to complain to our trade representative about the inequity, his answer was, "Let them do something else." You know, because it's easy to just pick up and do that when you live in SAND. Idiot.
-- Competition has become global, and there's no monopoly on knowledge or skills, y'all. The best one can do is keep learning and making it better for yourself.

Don't know about you, but I'm still kinda pissed about the cotton subsidies. Once again, I'm in the wrong business.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Lessee ... her father started the Peace Corps, her mother's heavily involved in the Special Olympics (or at least she used to be), and her uncles are two of the greatest presidents that might've been. With all that incredible political clout before her, what does Mah-riiiiia Schwarzenegger come up with as a contribution to California politics? Fucking charm bracelets, for which the proceeds will go to provide sumptuous meals and lodging for foreign dignitaries who come to Cali.Cost for one of these baubles? $18-$170 a pop.

Peace Corps ... jewelry line (as if weighing on an imaginary scale). Peace Corps ... jewelry line ... Hmph.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Rotten don’t being to cover it
Two travesties for the price of one. First, a letter on Romenesko today:
An AP reporter today was the one to tell Nick Berg's family [ED NOTE: Berg, for those who haven't heard yet, is the first civillian example of the fallout from the Abu Ghraib debacle] that a video of his beheading was on a website. The family collapsed from shock and grief on the front lawn.

Wow. What a rotten situation for both the family and the reporter. That brings up all kinds of ethical issues. What do others think? Should the reporter have told the Berg family or not?

A reporter is supposed to "minimize harm." Telling the Berg family about the video was obviously harmful. But the reporter isn't responsible for the video. And what could the reporter do at that point, anyway? Walk away? Say "uh, nevermind." Plus, this reporter was among the first of a horde to descend on the Berg family today anyway. ...

Not that it's cool or justified in any way, but honestly, is anybody REALLY surprised that al Qaeda's pissed off by our frat-boy antics? No, seriously.

Anyway, the second bit of grief comes by way of Kaffy, who shared this with me the other night. I must admit, I'm kinda surprised that I haven't seen it pop up anywhere yet, unless it has and I'm just dim. Anyway ...
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I’m rubbery!
Zoot made us do this. Think she'll be annoyed to find out that I'm cooler than she is? Heh.
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