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Thursday, June 03, 2004
Fuckety fuck fuck fuck … (whimper)
There's this widely held theory that people are most likely to have car accidents when they're within two miles of their home. But do they have anything for RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE!?!?!?
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Reading was fundamental
Being a composition teacher, Dad liked to pick quotes off signs and post them up on the board for his students to ponder. They could be anywhere, of course, but a lot of times, they came off church signs. Not that he was particularly religious; in fact, one time, I was downstairs in his bathroom looking in his underneath the sink for things to read (that's where he stashed his stuff), and there was a book by L. Ron Hubbard. That shocked the hell out of me, thinking Dad could possibly buy into Scientology, especially since he was so fascinated by the Hyles Baptist people and what a fucked-up deal THAT is.

He never censored anything I read, really. I was reading Steven King novels by the time I was in sixth grade -- hell, I asked him for his copy of The Exorcist, and he gave it to me without complaint. And the John Powers trilogy -- The Last Catholic in America, Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? and The Unoriginal Sinner and the Ice Cream God? Required reading. In later years, though, he got all up into those Jean Auel books, a passion which I didn't get.

There were SOME limits to what he wanted me reading; after all, he DID throw away the porn novel I stashed under the love seat in the living room (as well as my next-door neighbor's porn novel she let me borrow). Never said a word about it, but once the carpet was cleaned? Gone.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Because it’s important what the receptionist thinks
Me: You know, it really pisses me off when you make comments about me reaching for the candy in front of people we don't know.
Mother: What? Who was there?
Me: Um, well ... the receptionist, for one.
Mother: Oh, she don't care.

[Bangs head on steering wheel]
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I feel a draft coming on, take 2
Here's why I shouldn't post stuff at 2 a.m.: That thing on the draft? Included links to the Home School Legal Defense Fund, which in and of itself is fine, but if you go to its Web site, the group clearly opposes same-sex marriage, and I ain't down with that. So, I've erased that entry and instead found the guvmint link to this draft thing: Lookit

At first glance, I thought this might not be such a bad idea -- I mean, giving students an option, especially if they don't have any plans after high school can't be wrong, right? But you know what? No matter how many alleged terrorist attacks there are on the United States, WE'RE STILL NOT ISRAEL. Canada and Mexico aren't gunning for us at every turn because we're American, so this is pointless.
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True blue, yo
I would agree with all of this, if only I liked people more ....
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Dad: The straight dope
I suppose if we're going to talk about him for a whole month, I should introduce you to him, right? Let's start off with the basics:
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Snickers Ice cream bars and York Peppermint Patties don’t mix
Here's this morning's dream: What I remember starts out with me, Mother and Dad living in an apartment, and Mother being freaked out about what Dad was doing when he was supposed to be teaching -- not as in him having an affair, but him doing something illegal, and she goes looking for him. There were people in the parking lot of the apartment complex, and they were waiting for him, but I don't think it was for illegal purposes. So he comes home, and the next thing I remember, I'm judging a high school speech meet, and I'm in a little office crammed to the gills with teacher stuff, and I'm talking to two participants and asking them what they want to do with their lives, etc. But the participants? Are dudes I competed against waaaaaay back in the day, one of who I KNOW went on to Northwestern and got married relatively young.

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But Julie Cooper likes that old time rock n’ roll
There are myriad reasons why I like only maybe two Bob Seeger songs, but one of them really makes me itch more than the rest: In the song "Rock n' Roll Never Forgets," Bob sings the line, "You used to shake 'em down/but now you're more concerned about your dignity/And now Sweet 16's turned 31 ..."

Wait, WHAT!?!?! 30-fucking-1!?!? When did 31 become a time of worrying about dignity, fer chrissakes!?!? I don't recall anything like that when I was 31. Most broads in their 30s, if they're not buying into the whole marriage/family thing, are having quite a lot of fun; they're still their looks, and they have the whole experience thing on their side, having gone through the "Terrible 20s" and all that.

Fifty-one, I could've bought, but 31? No way.
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