Somewhere between Bell's Palsy and death
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
But like the acrobats, they tumble
Like partners who get sympathetic symptoms for whatever their SOs are enduring (i.e. sympathethic pregnancy or, in my pal Laura's husband's case, sympathetic pica, aka the urge to drink Windex), so it must go with we of the blog, because now? the crazies are kicking my ass. While I'm not in crisis like the others (and they're getting only good thoughts and love from this way, so I'm not trying to diminish their struggles here), sometimes, to paraphrase the one guy, having a broken leg is no better than being paraplegic.

However, I WILL be finishing up a story today that will serve as a great prequel to my other big story, which makes me giggle. Oh, and my sister got the letter on the 25th, and no word yet. Kaffy thinks she'll attempt another ambush. Great. Whatever.
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Monday, August 30, 2004
And the world was a better place
Lee R. Quinn, June 30, 1934 - Aug. 30, 2001

Thanks, Dad.
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I just wrote a whole long entry about my weekend and why it sucked more ass than it needed to, and now MT ate it. Perfect.
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Friday, August 27, 2004
And so it began …
Today, we pick up where we left off with Dad back in June, because three years ago today was the day we brought him home from the hospital for what would be the last time.
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A face for radio, but definitely not the voice
Thanks to the powers who be at the ol' P-T, I will NOT be on Chicago public radio station WBEZ's Eight Forty Eight segment tomorrow; they said it would be more appropriate for a staffer to do it, because staffers have beats (or something much closer to beats) than I have. I would also be remiss by leaving out that upper management? Was a little afraid that I would say something that I perhaps shouldn't, like "fuck" or "vagina" or some other word that could no doubt fly out of my mouth without my realizing it.

But how fucking cool is it that I was even considered!?!?! EXTREMELY FUCKING, that's how.

I mean, I was doing working (shut-UP, Amy) on a transportation story today when all of a sudden in my e-mail arrives this note from an editor at WBEZ telling me to call her. I did, and she said they were going to be featuring NWI in that particular show, and would I be interested in talking about the important issues in NWI? She said she'd seen my byline quite a bit and thought I'd be a good source, especially since I'm a woman. Instead, however, they chose Shidy, who's made me SWEAR I won't listen to her. I promised her I probably wouldn't even be awake by then, so no worries. But that was, like, really cool. First yesterday, then today!?!? It's been a pretty good week, if I do say so myself.

Of course, now if I could just get laid ...
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Ne mas! Ne mas!
Over on Gawker, my link to all things NYC, it links to an article put out by the N.Y. Press about the underground fetish world may or may not be excited about the RNC being in the city. No shocker there; after all, I tend to agree that the more repressed someone is, the more fucked-up the shit they're into is. But anyway, so the author naturally does his interviewing at some of the fetish clubs and discovers there's a practice called the "pink shower." Go over there and find out what it is. I dare ya.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
He can blame me all he wants, but I didn’t do it
TIMMY! claims that I inspired a large part of latest post. If you find it as endearingly hilarious as I do, then yes, yes it WAS me. If not? Well, you probably ought to lighten up a bit.
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You put the lime with Hobart nuts and shake it all up …
More pictures, this time of the Bite the Lime show before my sister got all ghetto. You know where to find them: Yahoo! regionbroad711, lookit, "Bite the Lime." Unfortunately, the shots of the band itself were too dark, so I left them out. Sorry.
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Girls, girls, girls
Got some grrls in the hizzie: We got Chaos Girl; we got Manic Gurl with the fabulous Shag Zodiac skin; we got Colleen in Vancouver, how hasn't hooked me up yet but has been following the family saga; and Emiline220, who I don't THINK has blog but has me in her Kinja lineup.

Ladies ...

[UPDATE: Emily can be founded here.]
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They’re baaaaaaaaaaack!
Well, color ME naive: The Brazilians are back, and they're stealing more of Joelle's work. How do we know they're the same ones? Well, THE LINKS TO EACH OTHERS' BLOGS might be the first clue.

And here I thought it was all United Nations up in here and that they weren't going to be ignorant anymore and steal people's stuff. What a sap I am. I'm extremely disappointed, ladies. And while you're at it, why don't you tell me about the "ugly Americans" again.
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Monday, August 23, 2004
Fuck the train; fix the fucking highway
Do you know that it took me a fucking hour to get home from lunch with Tara when it should've taken me only 15 minutes? What the hell, man!?!?! That blew.

I sent the letter today -- certifed it and everything. I know the fam suggested I wait, but honestly, it didn't take a weekend for me to know that I'm not going to put up with her bullshit. So, I'm sure I'll have an update later this week, because if I know my little sister, she's NOT going to go down without having the last word. Sigh.
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Friday, August 20, 2004
Wookiewookiewookiewookiewookie … shut-up!
Ok, so now I have on this one bra, and my girls? Are in. my. armpits, and I'm fascinated and annoyed at the same time. Yeah, TMI, but it ain't right.

Got a lot dancing around in my head today -- much having to do with the one guy and how much I need to see him -- but there's really no time for mush because THE BAND IS PLAYING TONIGHT! Woo! Kerry won't be singing lead this time, but they're kicking out new jams. And Kaffy and Winston are coming, as are Tara and her man Sean, so the band is like "The girls are back together!" (Tara and I were unabashed groupies back in the day.) Oh, and Greta's coming, too, whether she wants to or not.

Good times, yo.
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Thursday, August 19, 2004
It’s all about meme
Courtesy of Zoot, who I haven't seen 'round these her parts in AGES, I tell you. AGES. Ahem.
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Now I want my own crib
Or at least some new end tables or something: With Greta getting all kinds of cool antique furniture from Customs in Miller and Tara talking about all the horrors of house hunting, I'm getting this weird urge to own property. It's not going to happen for, like, EVER, and it's not that I really want to move from my present crib, because I like my present crib, and it's convenient for my travels. Perhaps I can talk the landlords into going condo, or at least letting me paint the place anything but freakin' white.

Meanwhile, I'm about to break a story tomorrow that's going to have a certain muni on its KNEES, and I. can't. WAIT. (Get ready, Ogger, because things may never be the same.) It's a lock, too; have the proof and everything, unlike the other story I was so jazzed about. That one hasn't panned out ... yet. But I of course will post this one once it's been published.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
The lust that shouldn’t speak its name
So I have talked to Mer a couple times since she got back to Brooklyn; she's fine, although exhausted from a) her visit, b) her winding down from some personal crap she was dealing with before she came out and c) from Rebecca finally moving out and into the downstairs apartment (so it's like she hasn't really left, but at least Mer has her own new furniture in her crib. Meanwhile, Rebecca has yet to call about getting a phone hooked up or utilities switched, so Mer is making sure to enjoy as much air conditioning as humanly possible. Can't say I wouldn't do the same.). The thing that freaks me out? Apparently, the physical relations were such that she actually wants to hit it with our pal again.


Why does this affect me in any way, shape or form? It doesn't; I mean, whatever it takes to get your rocks off, right? And it helped her feel better about her stuff going on at home, so good on him. I'm still just irrritated that he was such a giant jackass to me when she was here that I'm just like, ick. It's like, I set the deal up, so you can at least not a) screw in my house, like I asked you not to, and b) not try to push my buttons over and over and over until I want to poke your eyes out with my pen.
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