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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Getting closer …
Remember that one story I was doing a pee pee dance of joy about? No not the one, the other one? A hint can be found below (and no telling, TIMMY!):
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When ‘sex’ on a license plate goes horribly wrong
Long day -- lots of stories. But I'm going to go watch Oprah, so I'll be right back.
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Monday, September 13, 2004
Giving minorities the bidness
Not to be spreading rumors or anything, but my former boss sent me this:
>From: HOUSTON DEMOCRAT >>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 03:55:11 -0700 (PDT) >>Subject: DENIED VOTER FORMS IN HOUSTON, TEXAS >> >>Dear Fellow Democrat, >> >>I have been registering minorities to vote in one of the most affluent >>areas in Houston. When I went to a Courthouse to pick up some more >>voter registration forms I was told that there is a new policy not to >>give out >>voter forms. I am a deputized voter registrar and this " new policy" >>includes deputized registrars also. The head supervisor of the >>Courthouse (Cindy Lay) told this to me in person. I asked her simple >>questions like: When was the policy implemented, Who implemented it, >>etc. She could not tell me who implemented it and went on to tell me >>that she was at a meeting " downtown" and was told at that meeting to >>no longer pass out voter registration forms to anyone. Of >>course she couldn't tell me who was at the meeting only that she was >>present at the meeting. She went on to ask me if I'd like to >>talk with a police officer. When I declined she then asked me for >>my drivers license. At that point I left. I felt that it was >>important to let all democrats know what is going on in Houston. >>The Courthouse is located at: >>6831 Cypresswood Dr. Houston, TX. 77379. Please forward this >>message along to your network. >> >>Thank-You >> >>

Now, she said she couldn't find anything on Nexis or any of the urban legend sites about it, so I thought I might throw it out there in the ether to see if anyone knows anything.
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You say it’s your birthday
Found this over at Myllissa's, and yeah, I know my birthday's a ways off, but what're you going to do at 7 a.m. when you're not supposed to be up yet AGAIN!?!?
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When I said ‘backdoor,’ this is NOT what I meant
No, I'm not dead, but I sure felt like killing someone Friday night/most of yesterday. Why? Because people are assholes.
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Friday, September 10, 2004
That’s some balls, #674
USA Today just posted a Reuters story that several insurers are suing the airlines for their negligence in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Am I the only one absolutely horrified by that!?!?! I mean, how do they figure that the airlines could've a) seen it coming when our freakin' GOVERNMENT didn't, for all intents and purposes, or b) could've done anything to stop it!?!?

And here I thought it was the job of the insurer to PAY claims, not sue to cover their asses.
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Hacker? I hardly KNOW her
So, I WAS all excited about my new little Google bar over there on the side, and how I figured out the code and everything (Go on and do a search in it! You know you want to!), but then what should be waiting for me in my e-mail this morning but the following:
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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Love, love, love
After my crisis this morning, I asked Mr. Rude over at Cactus to take a look at that code to tell me what the hell was going on. (I also asked Kaffy's Winston, too, big radio engineer stud that he be.) And in his kind wisdom, he explained to me that basically, the one's guy's ISP is having issues and I'm a yuge dorky spaz. Well, no, he didn't actually SAY that -- knowing Chris, he prolly didn't even THINK it -- but that's what *I* say. But at least you'll be happy to know (some more than others, ahem) that my dorky spaziness? Lasted about a half-hour -- a mere FRACTION of what it used to before better living through chemistry. Like an infant torn from her momma's arms, I was able to calm myself and realize that I was being a dorky spaz before I went out and made an ass of myself on top of it.

I have NOT, however, rid myself of the urge to use half-ass similes, but what're you going to do?
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Ok, trying not to panic
Been trying to e-mail the one guy tonight, because I haven't heard from him, and I just wanted to find out what's up, etc., and neither of my e-mail addresses are going through. Instead, I'm getting this:
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Here I come to save the day!
Because of my quick thinking, I now saved the biz section from an all-AP day! You may all now bow at my feet, for my journalistic acumen is unsurpassed.

Heh. Yeah, I'm funny like that, but I did have the foresight to call the Griffith Town Council regarding Frank's Nursery & Craft's going-out-of-business, which took them by surprise AND garnered a "That's good," from the M.E., because where Frank's is located in Griffith is already struggling pretty badly with trying to get new business in there.

What can I say? I'm kinda quick sometimes. Must've been the spicy chicken burrito.
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Gonna go have me a spicy chicken small boat
Good Lord, have y'all had those new spicy chicken concotions at Taco Bell!?!?! It's worse than the Club Chalupa I was craving back in March, but hopefully more healthy. I think I need to go have one (or six) right this second. (Speaking of which, did y'all catch Mad TV Saturday night? They replayed my all-time favorite skit with the Mexican in the Taco Bell. "You want my life story? I got herpes. The. End." Genius!)

While I'm out, go get your political on over at Mac's; she's covering the Campaign issues with about as much nonbias as any human can muster.
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Hey, bottle of Yellowtail, you lookin’ fiiiiine
Got an e-mail from my former bosslady today telling me that the massive amounts of beer and Mexican food we consumed last night while bar-hopping like a couple of 20 year-olds? Not a great idea the day before work filled with meetings and lunches and stuff. Like she had to tell me; I slept in two-hour increments the whole night, and I'm quite sure my stomach is trying to crawl through my esophagus to get out for some damn air. So what am I doing to make it stop? Drinking a Pepsi. Thaaaaaat's good.

She and I went to the Cubs game yesterday (they won! Woo!), and then we went to, in order, Bernie's, Cubby Bear, Bar Louie, Heaven on 7, Twisted Spoke and El Jardin, eating and drinking our way through just about each one of them. It was a beautiful thing, especially since Sunday, I had this horrendous craving to drink. Seriously, I don't think I've ever had an urge to drink as mad as that. I didn't, which is probably a good thing given my current state of mind, but still, man. Yikes. It was about as bad as any horniness I experience.

THAT just conjured an image I really didn't need. (Hint: Me and a bottle, and not in the normal way. Iccccccch.)
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Sunday, September 05, 2004
Piss on it, man
Either something's bothering me, or I peed the bed last night:
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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Skull fucking? Is fun!
Me in action yesterday (Og, you can skip, because we already talked):
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Friday, September 03, 2004
I’ll cop to that
What internet acronym are you?! sti
What internet acronym are you?

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[Courtesy of Jeff over at his darn blog]
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