Somewhere between Bell's Palsy and death
Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Hey Fox Broadcasting! Over here!
Covered a meeting last night and didn't get to see "Who's Your Daddy?", and I'm not seeing that anyone else did. (You bet I would've watched it. Are you kidding me!?!?) But why do I get the feeling that all the men TJ had to choose from were all successful doctors, lawyers, businessmen? And really, what fun is that? Now, if that were ME on the show, we'd have at least one candidate who's a 300-pound, marginally employed dope smoker, and with my version of getting potential sperm donors, we'd have at least two or three rotten-livered alcoholics and some dude who shot his paw. And how could THAT not be more titillating or, at the very least, more painful to watch since that seems to be more of what reality shows go for!?!? Seriously. The drama of finding out the dude who sired you is a two-bit loser who doesn't want to know they have another kid floating around? And -- and! -- the idea that the dude or I could walk away $100K richer for it? Emo porn at its finest. Where do I sign up!?!?

Meanwhile, out of meds again, but at least the paperwork is in this time as opposed to last time.
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Monday, January 03, 2005
Dammit, Snidge!
She made me cry with the following. I hate that. (Crying, not the following)
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Is that all there is?
Well, I just returned from three-plus hours of my life that I'll never get back.

Last night, the one guy called, and we had a nice long talk reminiscent of the talks we used to have back in the day. I was kidding around (sort of) about how I wanted an invitation to come out for a drink, and he said that there's always an open invitiation for everyone to join him at his usual haunt. So, I decided I would take him up on it and come out tonight. Actually put on eye makeup and everything.

And got ignored for the most part.
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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Don't tell any of my editors this: [Horked from the always-darling Headcase, who's up awful late tonight]
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(Re)learn something every day
Did y'all know that in order to record mp3s on a CD and have them play on an outlet other than your computer, all you need is a CD-R, and then you can use any CD burning program without having to buy their special package? I'm sure I did, too, at some point, but between then and now, I've wasted several of my pretty blue CD-RWs trying to record Mer's birthday present, a collection of old favorites from our youth as well as some Romani folk tunes I found and tunes of which I'm particularly fond, like "Ciao!" by Lush and the Cristina version of "Is That All There Is?". Her birthday's in July, and she was here in August.

(flips hand at shoulder, making retard yeti noises)

Today was one of those days spent either at the computer or in front of the tube just chilling with the rest of the wine I didn't polish off last night (yeah, I know -- guess I just wasn't in the mood). Found out Cousin Nancy ended up in a fight with Loser Sid's new scumbag last night but that Nancy righteously beat her ass. Hey, if the bitch -- who, by the way, is over 18 and therefore could get tried as an adult -- was stupid enough to throw the first punch (which, according to Nancy, she did, and I'm inclined to believe Nancy's telling the truth based on what transpired earlier in the week), she deserves what she gets. That's not to condone violence, but I'd never tell anyone to take a dive, either ... unless they were going to get a shitload of money to do so, of course.

Anyway, tomorrow is Hair Party Day, where the Emperor Warrior Kendar, Ms. Kaffy and I sit around and giggle while EWK makes us pretty. I saw this really cute bobbed style on a hairdresser at Mother's shop when we stopped in to get her some hairspray Friday, so I'm thinking I might try to grow the mop out a bit. Now, since I've been known to stick paper clips in my hair when it gets too heavy, the chances of me getting through a month are probably slim-to-none, but I'm up for something different. We'll see.
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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Another Auld Ang Syne
Hot shower? Check.
Scratchy exfoliating mask? Check.
Hair air-dryed into 1970s-feathered goodness? Check.
Hickory Farms regular Beef Stick and pepper cheese? Check.
A whole bottle of Yellowtail shiraz to myself? Aw, yeeeeeeeeeah.

Now, if y'all don't mind, the boys and I are going to settle in with Reeg and kiss 2004 the hell goodbye. Wishing everyone a Happy, prosperous and creative New Year from NWI, this is Broad, signing off for the year (unless, of course, something really cool happens. But I think it's just going to be quiet, and that's coo.)
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