Somewhere between Bell's Palsy and death
Friday, June 30, 2006
They’re crocs, all right—of comfort
So there's been this debate going on in the ether about rubber clogs and whether or not they belong outside of the garden. Well, I don't know about all that, but I'll tell you what: The Crocs flip-flops? Waaaaaay comfy. I bought the brown/light blue ones.
Posted by Broad4:19 PM
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Easiest filet dinner ever
When the event you covered tonight could've been written from the press release and yet you STILL get a filet mignon dinner out of the deal? I call that a good day.

Good times were had Sunday during Chicago Pride, an event that there should be a law made saying everyone who's gay-friendly should attend at least once in their lifetime, and twice if they like it. B-Dubs and the Baby were my cruise directors, and everything was quite lovely for the majority of the day; the parade (which damn! three hours!), dinner afterwards and the first bar we went to after dinner were quite the barrel of laughs. But the Baby wasn't finding any wimmins, so we went to a second bar which was packed to the rafters with people dancing, drinking, sweating and spilling things on me, but it still wasn't horrible, though it was much more a gay bar than a lesbian bar and the Baby still wasn't having any luck.

It became horrible when the group (one of the Baby's friends and her boyfriend also came with) decided they wanted to go to a third club, and I didn't.

Now, I've discovered as I grow older that between my mental health issues and just generally growing older, slower and fatter, I'm not down with the huge crowd thing. Like, seriously not, and anyways after wearing my 3-1/2 inch wedges all day Saturday, my feet were already reaching bowling ball proportions before the day started. So walking another four, five blocks to the next club, which was also likely packed with people who would be dancing, drinking, sweating and spilling things on me? Nuh-uh. But I didn't really need to get home, either, and I certainly didn't want to ruin the day for B-Dubs and the Baby since it was their High Holiday, so my plan was to grab a Reader, go back to the car and hang out in solitude whilst they continued on. I mean, I wouldn't have tolerated them being out all night or anything, but a few hours, fine. So, they forged on ahead to the next club, and I turned the other way, thinking I'd use what little stamina my feet still had to get back to the car. Two minutes after they realized I disappeared, the Baby texted me, and I told her to tell the group to party on without me and to not worry about it.

Of course, as is my usual way, I realize I have no idea where we parked, so I decided to stop at the McDonald's across from Wrigley since it was well lit and easy-to-find when the group was done. I plopped myself down on this brick edge thingy and started to read.

A short time later, I checked my phone and found that the Baby texted me again, telling me that they were at the car, where the hell was I? and I told them I had gotten lost, was at the McDonald's and why weren't they out. She texts back

Yah, were gonna go have fun while ur sitting in the car ... its time to go

So I text her back: "I said go. Now ur going to blame me for cutting into your fun?" and I think she may have texted to call B-Dubs or whatever, but then I didn't hear from them, so I figured they ventured back out. Except they didn't, and then she texts me about an hour later to tell me they've been waiting for me at the car.

You can see the clusterfuck coming, right!??
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Monday, June 26, 2006
Love the skin yer in
So, how about these new digs, eh? Let's give it up for mel over at m2 and 30-o for coming up with the new look with virutally no idea from me as to how it should look. She do good work, she do.

More later on popping my Pride-Parade cherry, when I'm not buried in oil outlooks and doll parades.
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Sunday, June 25, 2006
Keep it together
For the first time ever, I present to the whole Innerbunny my sibs, or those who share DNA with me:
Posted by Broad3:18 AM
Friday, June 23, 2006
To be young again
Talked to Snidgey earlier as I'm wont to do every day, and guess where we decided to go in August? Yeah, that's right:


I'm likely going to be the oldest person there, but I don't care. It's going to be righteous.
Posted by Broad1:25 AM
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
The black hole
I was sitting here in the office where the view's obstructed from the giant plum tree the landlords have yet to prune this summer, and there's this gurgling noise like it's raining, but I couldn't see anything, and then when I went into my room to see if I could hear it there, I couldn't. So, I was like nah, it's not raining, but then I looked out the window and saw that the streets are wet and there are puddles with raindrops. Strange. It's gotta be raining.

Except it's not raining:
Posted by Broad1:27 AM
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Or make me want to stab out my eyes

Go on, get yer own.
Posted by Broad6:42 PM
I can tell you something ELSE I need
Ganked from li'l Sheri, go to Google and, in quotes, type in your name and the word needs.
Broad needs donors to think of the community's needs. (Um, no, she needs them to think of her impending root canals and them only)
Broad needs heavy customization, implementation and integration.
Broad needs you to describe your audience, select sources of information that will give you fresh perspectives and ask questions.
Broad needs Red Cross Relief Funds. (Indeed!)
Broad needs safety interface modules. (Sure. Can I sell them?)

Posted by Broad1:24 PM
Friday, June 16, 2006
Because I’m lazy and still tired from the show
Seriously, I was just looking to see what critics have said about the purple leotarded one's latest gig. How was I supposed to know that this O.C. dude was going to write the whole thing verbatim, thereby taking all the work (and remembering, because there was so, so much) out of it for me, whose feet are still swollen from rocking out in 3-1/2 inch wedges all night?

Like I told y'all yesterday, I really didn't have high hopes for the money I spent; I was waiting to be thoroughly whapped over the head with whatever rhetoric Madonna's selling these days or whatever. (Not that I don't agree with her, but sticking it all in a pointy bra doesn't really resonate, ya dig.) But she was just amazing -- looked great, sounded great, danced great, the whole package. And the lighting and images were divine. If you can, pay the money and go see her when she comes to town.

As added icing, BFKAS, B-Dubs and I had a really good time, though I must admit it was more than a little disconcerting to hear my 56 year-old birth mother singing "Like a Virgin." Yes, I know she would've been only 35 when the song came out (to my 15). Doesn't matter.
Posted by Broad11:15 PM
Color me converted
I'm really tired and I've got the sweat of a frillion people clinging to my hair, but my initial thoughts on the Madonna show? Fork over the money and go when she comes to town.
Posted by Broad4:05 AM
Thursday, June 15, 2006
Get into the mood/Madge you got to prove/your worth to meeeeeeee …
In about six hours, I'm going to be sitting in the United Center watching the goddess of all things pseudosacreligious with BFKAS and B-Dubs. My baby sister went last night and said she was freakin' phenomenal, but I just can't seem to get myself psyched up. For 135 bones, this better be good.
Posted by Broad4:31 PM
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Beach Girl Beauty got on the stick
and resent me -- at no charge -- my order, and can I just tell you that you need to go out and get this right now? Ohmigod, you can't beLIEVE how good the stuff smells, and I'm going to jump in the shower and get myself exfoliated right this very minute. The cocunut milk and peaches Afrodite Delighty cream is good, too (this is my second time ordering it -- in a different scent for summer -- and it's truly the nicest hand cream I've gotten yet), but the SCRUB! And owner Josette personally took care of the resending, so my complaints were taken care of quickly.

I love you, BGB! Thank you!
Posted by Broad3:47 PM
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
House of Crohn’s
Are there any dependents in your care that DON'T crap all over the place!??

-- Poppy, about one of her friends who hasn't quite mastered the whole potty training thing for neither man nor beast
Posted by Broad1:57 PM
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Beach Girl Beauty better get on the stick
Because I'm still waiting for my scrub and hand cream, and I ordered it a month ago. Hellooooooo, people.

So other than having to drop $150 on two new tires because my alignment ate the others, notta lotta is still going on up in Chez Broad, except I? am wearing my new green cargo pants that I couldn't get into two months ago when I bought them, huzzah. Haven't really done anything in particular to make that happen one way or another, but I'll take what I can get, thankyew. And they're not even stretchy pants.
Posted by Broad2:24 PM
Monday, June 05, 2006
I have one of those allergy headaches that feels like someone's stabbing you in the temple/ear. And it sucks.
Posted by Broad1:52 AM
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