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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Maaaaac! They’re doing it again!


By John Byrne
Post-Tribune Staff Writer

INDIANAPOLIS—Pharmacists who refuse to dispense certain contraceptives would get protection from termination under a bill a Senate committee supported Wednesday.

The Senate Health and Provider Services Committee voted 6-5 to pass Senate Bill 3, which would protect pharmacists who refused to dispense drugs that “cause an abortion” or “destroy an unborn child.”
Sen. Jeff Drozda, R-Westfield, said his bill was not meant to address contraceptives such as birth control pills or so-called “Plan B” drugs.

Drozda said he was simply adopting the language used in states which have already enacted such protections.

But he acknowledged he believes contraceptives would be covered by the bill.

Under current state law, pharmacists are not required to dispense such drugs if they have a moral objection to the products. But they can then be fired from their jobs for the refusal.

Before voting against the measure, Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary, said Drozda should include a list of the drugs he means to protect pharmacists from having to dispense.

Contact John Byrne at (317) 631-7400 or

Posted by Broad1:14 PM
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
If this is true:
Exposure to something that whets the appetite, such as a picture of a mouthwatering dessert, can make a person more impulsive with unrelated purchases, finds a study from the February 2008 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research. For example, the researchers reveal in one experiment that the aroma of chocolate chip cookies can prompt women on a tight budget to splurge on a new item of clothing.

then how do you explain my purchasing the new iPod I couldn’t afford at the Circuit City that still smells like B.O. (and not the good kind)!??

[From Jezebel and here: Lookit]
Posted by Broad11:30 PM
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Love the warm weather

but hate what the humidity is doing to my hair, especially my bangs. It got so bad today that I ran into my D-list celebrity BFF’s whining “Make it stoooooooop!” So he did, and now I have a slanty thing going on, just like I used to have but longer. As long as they stop bending like they were, I’m fine with that.

Got the last of my Christmas presents over the weekend: A gorgeous pasta pot/vegetable steamer thingy plus several things to cook in it from my lovely brother B-Dubs (Thank you, Baby! Dig it thusly!). Of course, when I told Girlie of this, she immediately conned me into making dinner this weekend, so now I have no idea what I’m going to make. Omelets were suggested, which would be a fine idea if I weren’t so weird about eggs, and I don’t have enough gnocchi to do anything with that. So if anyone has any suggestions, I’m game. (Actually, Tara, if you could resend me that cauliflower thingy AGAIN, I’d love you for it.)

Speaking of Girlie, she called me the other day before picking me up to tell me of a new phenomenon that simultaneously perplexed and frightened: Did you know that you can purchase “marital aids” at Walgreen’s? Not just your standard condoms and K-Y either, but, like, MARITAL AIDS. She discovered this as she was printing off pictures from the holidays, and you can get them online only, but who knew? I mean, I’ll admit that when I’m thinking MARTIAL AIDS, Walgreen’s is the last place I’d think about getting them from, but I guess it would be convenient in some universe, maybe. Can you imagine the ad copy on that, though? 

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Friday, January 04, 2008
And I’m not the only one

The paper beat me to it yesterday (or rather Wednesday, since that’s when the following was written):

Clay should admit Gary has crime woes

January 3, 2008

A mayor should be the top cheerleader for his or her city, whether it’s Olga Velazquez pitching a lakeshore park in Portage or Jon Costas backing bus service in Valparaiso.

In Gary, Mayor Rudy Clay needs to put down the rose-colored glasses and make the reduction of crime and violence his No. 1 priority. That can’t happen until Clay admits Gary is infested with thugs and gangbangers who find it easy to kill.

In comments about Gary’s homicide rate in today’s Post-Tribune, Clay dismisses Gary’s ills and blames domestic disputes as the main source of violent deaths in his city. That’s an irresponsible comment.

Take a close look at the names of the 71 people who died violent deaths in Gary last year. Most are young men in their 20s whose killers acquired guns too easily.

Meanwhile, homicides are dropping in the nation’s largest cities. New York City recorded 484 slayings as of Dec. 25—down 17 percent from last year and the lowest since record-keeping began in 1963.

Chicago marked its lowest total since 1965 with 435 killings through Dec. 26. A Chicago official hailed its tough stance on gangs, guns and drugs.

Yet, in Gary, the mayor doesn’t even recognize there’s a crime problem. It’s all domestics, family disputes, says his honor.

So, while other cities take hard looks at crime and make strides forward, Gary struts out a bunch of politically connected auxiliary police officers with no policing expertise. They should be assigned to parades.

There is real science that exists to analyze and fight crime. Other cities do have a clue; they are stopping the violence. Gary—again—is getting left behind on its far-too-deadly streets. Before change can occur, there must be an awareness, not an excuse.

Meanwhile, I take Mother to the brain garage today. Let’s hope the doc can come up with the right cocktail so that maybe, just maybe, I can leave County of Lake for a little r and r every so often.

[UPDATE: I now have in my hot little hands a scrip for Seroquel, which happens to be an ANTI-PSYCHOTIC. No, not for me, for Mother—Doc said it should “take the edge off” while helping her to gain weight, which is currently an issue since she’s down to 98 pounds. She’ll start taking it next week after she gets used to a higher dose of the other med she’s on. So, how bad is it that the fact that the med is an anti-psychotic is making me laugh just a little? Keep in mind that I’m going to hell for many other offenses.]

Posted by Broad4:18 PM
He talks too much

We’re not even a week into 2k8, and our pal Rudy is at it again:

By Jon Seidel
Post-Tribune staff writer

GARY—Getting into a fight with the wrong person was the leading cause of violent deaths for all of 2007 in Gary, but that was especially true in the latter half of the year.

Since July 1, Gary police have investigated 37 homicides. Of those, 18 were caused by a fight or altercation, according to Lake County Coroner’s statistics.

In all, 29 of the 71 homicides committed in 2007 were categorized the same way.

Mayor Rudy Clay, though, believes the increase in deaths last year was driven by a spike in domestic homicides.

Eleven people were killed after household arguments spilled over into violence last year. Six of those occurred after July 1, anchored by a brutal triple homicide in August.

That’s compared to a total of four domestic homicides in 2006.

“In Gary, Indiana, our homicides are not like, say, Chicago, thugs and drugs and gangs and young people killing each other in the schools,” Clay said. “That’s not the cause of it in Gary.”[Emphasis mine]

Chicago police officials couldn’t be reached for comment in response to Clay’s statements.

However, Chicago is on track to have its lowest homicide toll since 1965, when police reported 395 killings. The city had logged 435 slayings through Dec. 26. In the early part of the decade, police often reported more than 600 a year.

Chicago officials credit the improvement to their tough stance on gangs, guns and drugs.

“Those three ingredients, so to speak, are what we’re focused on,” police spokeswoman Monique Bond told The Associated Press. “That’s really what leads to random violence.”

Clay said he wants to enlist Indiana University Northwest early this year to conduct an in-depth analysis of homicides in 2007 to find out why the rate of violent killings jumped by nearly 40 percent.

“Tell us what’s really going on,” Clay said.

He said he is also hoping a new job resource program at City Hall will help calm some of the anger boiling over in the homes.

“We think if people in the community had more jobs, we think it will bring down the anger among people,” Clay said.

Families of the victims in 2007 tend to agree that anger is overwhelming people in the city. Much of it, they say, is frustration from not being able to find jobs.

According to the U.S. Census, 54 percent of Gary’s population is in the labor force, as opposed to the national average of 65 percent.

The percentage of families in Gary below the poverty level, according to the Census, is 27 percent, as opposed to the national average of 10 percent.

Marguerite Dyson, whose son Jermaine Dyson was shot and killed in the Aetna area last year, has decided to move away from Gary.

She said there are no employment opportunities for young people, especially those with criminal records who want to start a new life.

“If you have a record you can’t get a decent job,” Dyson said.

Renee Kellom, a relative of homicide victim Shadonna Cheatham, said too many people feel free to kill others in Gary.

Cheatham was shot in the head at her home in the 4400 block of West 24th Avenue on July 26. Dia K. Nelson has been charged with her murder, but remains at large.

“It shouldn’t be so easy to just kill somebody and walk away,” Kellom said.

I guess my first question here is, if Rudy’s so convinced that the murders are domestic in nature, why does he need to spend the money on a study? My next question: What makes him think that these murders, domestic though they may be, aren’t related to “thugs and drugs?” Because really, just how many “non-thugs” are beating and killing people? Not that they don’t, but percentage-wise, what do you think is the spread?

I just can’t get past it that to Mayor Rudy Clay, people dying from domestic violence doesn’t compare with other “serious” crimes.

On another note: Girlie, Soph and I watched “Jesus Camp” on A & E the other night (which, if you haven’t seen it, you should; such a well-done documentary), and did you know that in the Pentecostal religion, its subscribers are encouraged to essentially rape and pillage the land as they see fit (yes, I’m paraphrasing) because they’re going to heaven and won’t need earthly things after they die or some such dogma? Girlie or Soph, feel free to correct me if I’m not remembering that right, but after hearing that I just sat there like, “Well, wait, isn’t that a little short-sighted? Why would you have that attitude if there are future generations of Pentecostals to feed, etc.?” I don’t recall ever hearing another religion endorsing wanton wastefulness like that, either. Just really bizarre. Oh and there was speaking in tongues, which always makes me chortle. 

Posted by Broad2:48 AM
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
‘nother question for you, wad

You know how you sent the cd to me? Did you send those as mp3 files or iTunes files? And if I were to send iTunes files, would the person on the receiving end download them as iTunes files or mp3? Need to know.

Posted by Broad8:48 PM
This is going to drive me nuts now,

but where does “Jeff, the god of biscuits” come from!?? Anyone?

Posted by Broad4:44 AM
Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Wad loooooves me

In my inbox today I found not only a complete replacement of my 30th birthday CD that wad birthed from his loins lo, so many years ago, but with upgrades and additions! Rube and I have already blasted “Ultimate Sin” and the Stroke 9 song, which I found hilarious and most appropriate (I do! I do!) (The Night Ranger was of my own doing, however. Shutup). The 12-inch Ministry might make my head explode, but that’s a risk I shall happily assume, along with thinking of the venerable Blood Bubble and how he looked like death when I saw him on St. Pat’s last year. (*There’s* a name for you, right?) So thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, if I just had something to put it all in and take it with me ... (sigh) Also, where the hell are you off to, wad, and do I know who it is?

Got my first churchin’ of the year in this morning, just not of the Catholic variety: The annual ecumenical Emancipation Proclamation service at church on G.I.’s west side, where they brought in Imam W.D. Muhammad, son of Elijah, the Nation of Islam guy. Good talk. Still not sure where he was going with the history of Islam and how it relates to the emancipation, but it was the first time a Muslim has ever keynoted one of these services, so it doesn’t have to make sense, I reckon. Still, I enjoyed it, even sluggish on cheap, cheap champers that was sweet instead of dry, exactly how I like it.

There might be more musings later if I can be arsed. 

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“My first experience with a cross-dressing man was”
this cook named Beto at the [restaurant redacted]. He’d wear, like, sexy 80s shirts and bangle bracelets, and acid-wash, ripped up jeans with girl’s underwear. Well, my dad said he was in the closet for a long time because he lived with his grandmother, and being as I was in junior high at the time, I really thought his grandmother locked him in the closet. Yeah, I was really a naive young girl. No, I didn’t spend that much time thinking about it.

-- Girlie, buzzed up early NYD

Posted by Broad6:28 AM
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