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Monday, June 27, 2005
Kids these days
Got an e-mail from my little friend Kate; we were talking about purses when she hit me with the news that she's getting married. In September.

To a guy she met in April.

The first thing I did when I saw this e-mail? Called her and said, "You're WHAT!?!?!?" to which she replied with a laugh, "Why did I know I was going to get a quick response from you on that?" And I growled my usual "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" that I do when I've been hit with dubious news.

(She knows I'm blogging about this, btw, so I'm not talking out of school or anything. And no, she's not knocked-up.)

So I heard her out about why she feels the need to this, and she said that ultimately when it comes down to it, if she described why it felt so right, it would lose all meaning. She also said that they were thinking about doing it in March, but that fiance's sister's getting married in April, and she had an aneurysm that she was going to get upstaged, so then I said, "So you can't wait until AFTER APRIL!?!?" and she said "Well, yeeeeah." There was also stuff about why should they pay $900 apiece for their cribs when they're already living together practically (reasonable), but that his parents wouldn't let them live together without being married (not their business since he's, like, 26) and that his parents got married quickly and have been married happily for 38 years. So then I told her that there are at least three marriages I know of right now that happened just as quickly that are either on the verge of petering out or already have, and are you SURE you REALLY want to do this, because odds like that? Not promising. But she swears this is what she wants. So I told her that she was 21 and that once I get over the initial shock, I'll be supportive and wonderful. And she said she understood my concerns and everything. It was fine.

But man! Three months!?!?!
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Thursday, June 09, 2005
No apologies
So of course now that I've decided I'll deal with DtR, I don't hear from him today at all.

I didn't have time to go through the whole exchange between us yesterday, but basically, he said he wanted to make amends and that he's become a different person and so on and so forth, and that while his recollection of the figure he owed me was different, he wasn't necessarily going to argue with me. So I asked "What's the catch?" because you KNOW there's always a catch within everything we do whether we want to admit it or not, but he swears there isn't one. Even gives me his cell digits and says I can post them wherever I want if I don't believe him (which leads ME to believe he's found ol' Chez Broad here, and that's ... fine, I guess, but the digits do pan out). I write back and tell him that he'd gotten my attention and that I wasn't about to wreak havoc with his wife and family because, as we all know, I have enough crap at any given time without having a hostile wife killing my buzz. And then today, I told him the rest of the week was problematic so could we perhaps do it next week at some point. That's where it's been left. Now, of course it's only been one day and there are a million legitimate reasons why he may not have responded, but I don't trust him.

And see, that's kind of the problem, here. It's like, I get forgiveness and have a rather large capacity for it, as some of y'all know, but I'm having a time with this one. I mean, like I said, this goes way beyond the stupid shit you deal with after you break up with someone when you're in your early 20s. There was abuse, both emotional and physical, although I'm still loathe to even call the latter "abuse" because when it happened, I honestly didn't realize that's what it was until I found out months later that he attempted the same thing on a friend of mine he was trying to bed, except she was strong enough to fend him off. (THERE'S an interesting one for all you analyzers out there. Emotional abuse is beautiful bitch, ain't it?) And believe you me, I realize I don't have to do a DAMN thing if I don't want to, and won't. It's just a really hard thing for me to get my head around.

Besides, I've already thought about all the things I need to do with the money, and if that's yanked out from under me, I'm going to be sorely pissed. Not surprised in any way, shape or form, but pissed.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
That just beats all, don’t it?
Ok, so I totally didn't take Snidgey's advice and went ahead and popped off at DtR; said that if he gives me the $950 he owes me, we could talk about mending fences. I mean, as Wad said as he reconfigured my Palm earlier, if I were to piss him off, what would I lose? Nothing, right?(Sorry, Dix, and after you praised me for my restraint.)

Yeah, except I wasn't counting on him saying that he wants to PAY ME BACK.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005
And THEN, as if my day couldn’t get worse …
I get this e-mail from DtR wanting me to cover an event. I'll give him an "A" for the suck-up factor, but the only reason I'm not going to add any of my own pithy comments is because my ass is dragging from the crackhead incident. But feel free to add your own.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
For the love of GOD, people
Have y'all seen this yet!?

Crispity Christ on a cracker.

What the hell is WRONG with this stupid casino? I mean, they're online, so it's not like they can show off their purchase unless they post the shit on their sight ... oh, wait. They're going to go on TOUR with it, kinda like the Jim Rose fucking Freakshow. Goody.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Whose bright idea was this!?!?
Talking to a subject for a story tonight, and she was telling me about the restaurant located next door to her that she did some work for. Guess what the restaurant's name is? Before I tell you, bear in mind that the woman, and the restaurant, are in Gary.

The name?
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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Relative intelligence of spammer dicks
If I've managed to block out as many spammer dicks as humanly possible with my Blacklist -- and I do a run-through as least once a day -- then why do they keep trying to come back 2, 3, 10 times a day? I just looked at my activity log, and there they are, like birds against a streak-freak window. Just sayin'.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Just sayin’
If I, someone who most days can barely afford the lifestyle to which she's accustomed, can afford my own blog with pretty skins, shouldn't fuckin' Rosie O'Donnell be able to, too!?? I mean, come ON.
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Sunday, March 06, 2005
I beg to differ, you pastyfaced little twerp
Clearly, this little monster is skewing the test results to screw with the people who get perfect scores, because there is NO WAY that I got anything less than 100 percent in ALL of these categories. A 72 percent "Expert" score on this? "British" or "American" spellings or not, 72 percent MY ASS. [Horked from Wad, whose degree is in COMPUTERS.]
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Killin’ time doin’ time (or, “Hey Ma, meet my new boyfriend—in jail")
I haven't mentioned the guy who wrote me from prison yet, have I? Yeah, see, that's one of the bad things about having your name in the paper: People can find you and write you in care of the paper. From prison. I haven't seen the note yet, but Tara tells me that he -- and I'm not going to name him, because it somehow seems wrong -- sent me a Christmas card with a letter in it asking me to help him with job hunting after he gets out or something. As if I would be any sort of expert on the subject. Anyway, he said that he wouldn't bother me again if he doesn't hear from me, but any kind of human contact is greatly appreciated. (I'll bet.)

So, if responding would be opening a can of fucked-up that I really don't want -- and I REALLY don't -- is it wrong for me to feel bad about it?
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Friday, December 03, 2004
I didn’t eat anything before bed. Why do you ask?
This morning, I dreamt that BFKAS and I were taking classes at my elementary school that was really my high school (!?), and that she and I were arguing about my confronting her about her giving me up. So then the next day, Crazy Aunt (BFKAS's sister) calls me and tells me that BFKAS called Quickly, a section in the Post that allows readers to call in and sound off about their bullshit, and left a comment clearly directed at me -- you know, because it's all about me, especially in my dreams -- that went like this: "Your mother told you the man who raised you wasn't your father, and now you're bothering me about it? How dare you!"

I'm guessing that while the meds have put my anxiety back in check, not so much on the unresolved anger -- which, of course, they're not supposed to do anyway, but I can pretend, right?

Meanwhile, I'm having a somewhat of a dilemna before there's even reason to have one. Remember when I crashed over at Jill's and her fiance's a few weeks ago? And I talked about how Jill's been trying to convince me to buy the house when they move? Ok, so there's no way that even if I did get a mortgage, I'd be able to afford it, so I jokingly asked last week if they'd consider a "rent to own" deal, and Jill was like, "Yeah, I think that could be arranged."

Now, we haven't talked figures yet, so I don't know if I could even afford to do it. My problem, though? I love my crib.

Yeah, I know that everyone says you're supposed to own property and that why would you pay someone's mortgage for them when you could pay your own. But this the first place I ever lived outside my folks', and as far as they come, it's an awesome place: Quiet neighborhood mostly, right near major arteries so I can get to where I'm going easily (provided there's no rotten construction, of course) and near tons of fast food. The house, on the other hand, is a great house (three bedroom, two deck, giant yard and a fireplace) in a neighborhood I've always aspired to live in, but the neighborhood is also off the beaten path, about 20 minutes from where I am now.

Again, none of this is going to happen for at least another eight months to a year, and it may not happen at all if I can't afford it. But what if I can?
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
How old’s this guy!?!?!
Yet another thing from Mac, only this isn't fun -- it defies logic, that what it does. Lookit

The fucked-up thing about this for me? The dude is only. 30. years-old. The hell!?!? Now, I could see Grandpa pharmacist nearing retirement getting his panties in a wad, but a 30 year-old punk!?!? Betcha he's gotta be a virgin, because what!?!?
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Monday, September 13, 2004
Giving minorities the bidness
Not to be spreading rumors or anything, but my former boss sent me this:
>From: HOUSTON DEMOCRAT >>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 03:55:11 -0700 (PDT) >>Subject: DENIED VOTER FORMS IN HOUSTON, TEXAS >> >>Dear Fellow Democrat, >> >>I have been registering minorities to vote in one of the most affluent >>areas in Houston. When I went to a Courthouse to pick up some more >>voter registration forms I was told that there is a new policy not to >>give out >>voter forms. I am a deputized voter registrar and this " new policy" >>includes deputized registrars also. The head supervisor of the >>Courthouse (Cindy Lay) told this to me in person. I asked her simple >>questions like: When was the policy implemented, Who implemented it, >>etc. She could not tell me who implemented it and went on to tell me >>that she was at a meeting " downtown" and was told at that meeting to >>no longer pass out voter registration forms to anyone. Of >>course she couldn't tell me who was at the meeting only that she was >>present at the meeting. She went on to ask me if I'd like to >>talk with a police officer. When I declined she then asked me for >>my drivers license. At that point I left. I felt that it was >>important to let all democrats know what is going on in Houston. >>The Courthouse is located at: >>6831 Cypresswood Dr. Houston, TX. 77379. Please forward this >>message along to your network. >> >>Thank-You >> >>

Now, she said she couldn't find anything on Nexis or any of the urban legend sites about it, so I thought I might throw it out there in the ether to see if anyone knows anything.
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Friday, September 10, 2004
That’s some balls, #674
USA Today just posted a Reuters story that several insurers are suing the airlines for their negligence in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Am I the only one absolutely horrified by that!?!?! I mean, how do they figure that the airlines could've a) seen it coming when our freakin' GOVERNMENT didn't, for all intents and purposes, or b) could've done anything to stop it!?!?

And here I thought it was the job of the insurer to PAY claims, not sue to cover their asses.
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Hacker? I hardly KNOW her
So, I WAS all excited about my new little Google bar over there on the side, and how I figured out the code and everything (Go on and do a search in it! You know you want to!), but then what should be waiting for me in my e-mail this morning but the following:
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