Somewhere between Bell's Palsy and death
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
This might be a regional thing (Region thing?), but has anyone heard the 7-11 commercial introducing its new sausage-cheddar griller? Cracks. My. Shit. UP. "Sure, you may be full of cheddar, but do you know what I think you're full of ...!? YOURSELF!" says the hot dog. And that voice! Comedic genius, yo.

So, I woke up at 2:30 a.m. to finish my Roger Clyne story; that got done and filed at 7:30 a.m. (No, it doesn't usually take that long for me to pound something out; I was dawdling.) Now, only two more full stories to go, plus I need to get some quotes for another story. And then? Time to pass out. But not before I bitch some more about Greta.

Oh, and did I mention I purchased a digital camera? Yeah, a Canon Elph SD-100. Hope to have it before the show so I can post pictures of Roger and my idiot friends.
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You WISH you could be her … oh, wait. Maybe you are.
Hey, shut-up, man! Eleanor Roosevelt kicked ASS. I'm a lesbian first lady. Woo
Which Famous Homosexual are you?
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[Courtesy of Cornelia, who found it on Rum and Monkey]
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Monday, April 12, 2004
Grrrrrrrrr …
Since when did I say it was Ok for Greta to come in a take the half-drunken bottle of Pepsi I had left over from last night!?!?! I didn't? ...Yeah, that's what I thought. She's SO buying dinner for that.

Two more days. Two more days ...
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The problem with afternoon naps
Nothing like dozing off for 45 minutes, only to have the woman I've been trying to contact for three days call and wake me up, and me unable to get a word out of my freakin' mouth. I mean, I thought it was FREAKING TUESDAY MORNING WHEN I TALKED TO HER! GAH!

Not the most embarassing thing to happen to me, but up there.
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The pussification of America, and the one guy’s mystique
After stuffing myself senseless at champagne brunch with Mother today, I just got back from doing touch-up painting in Greta's living room (I know, I know, but she waited for me to get home and waited for me to get my ass in gear after I took a nap, for chrissakes. What would YOU do?), where I proceeded to stuff my face with 1/2 a sausage pizza that I definitely did NOT need. Happy Easter, yo.

So, the one guy called last night. He didn't end up coming over, because he got all squirrelly and decided I was too tired. That never usually stops him, but it did last night for some reason. Anyway, after I was completely awake at 2:30 a.m., I called him back, and we had the type of conversation that reinforces for me why I love him insanely.
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Friday, April 09, 2004
War is hell.
Anyone who's read my other site or is familiar with stuff I've written knows that I'm in love with AVMRA, aka the American Veteran Motorcycle Riders Association. The group is just like it sounds: vets -- the majority of whom fought in Vietnam -- who ride motorcycles. And they're a raggedy-looking bunch of motherfuckers, they'd be the first to tell you: Long, ratty hair; beaten-up leather with patches and pins; at-least-two-packs-a-day habits. Instead of the booze they once were able to drown their sorrows with, they down coffee, lots of it. Or they keep pickling their insides away, as if that's going to help. It doesn't, but it's a connection to other people who've gone through hell, anyway.

Tonight, my assignment was to cover the memorial of a soldier who was killed over in Iraq Sunday. There were at least 100 people there by the war tank on the corner of Broad and Oak, including 30 or so of my AVMRA men and women. (Every single war-themed event, good or bad, without fail, you better believe there will be representatives from their group.) There was a service, with a Catholic Bishop and everything, as well as a Color Guard from the local Legion and VFW.

I've covered enough of these to be able to pretty much get by without getting emotional, and I pride myself on that. But as the old vets with the rifles shot off the 21-gun salute, damn it if those rag-tag shells of men in beaten-up leather didn't stand straight as arrows, saluting their flag as if they were the kids they used to be before the war beat them down.

And damn it if I didn't choke up.
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My Mexican hot tamale is leaving me! Noooo!
I just found out that one of my favorite reporters, Michael Puente (aka "Miguelino," "Mexican Jumping Bean," "Latin Lothario," "Sexy Mothafucka," etc.) is flying the coop and going to the Daily Herald. Yes, I know it's a fantastic opportunity for him, and he deserves a fantastic opportunity. But still, it makes me sad.

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We’re the shizz-net!
A little birdie sent me an internal e-mail today from the ME about the story I broke yesterday (among other things, of course):
To all, > > > > > > We did great work today and lots of people put their talents > > together to make it happen.... > > > > 4: Correspondent (Broad) blew the whistle on former Highland > school > > officials who spent money they shouldn't have and have to repay. > > > > This was a great paper to read.

(shines up manicure) Yeah, I kick ass. And if you want to read our collective greatness, go over to the Post-Tribune linky and behold.
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That thing about the best-laid plans?
Holy shit, what a crazy day, y'all! Just as I was coming down from interviewing Roger Clyne (more about that in a minute) and getting ready to finish my business stories, I get a phone call from a source in my one beat that the paper's going to have to pry out of my cold, dead hands letting me know that the thing I'd been waiting for is ready. So, desperately trying to get in touch with my one editor, who wasn't around, I had to talk to the AME, who was like, "Ok, DEEP BREATHS. Do you need to prioritize?" "Yeah," I somewhat whimpered.

So, totally switching gears, my business stories have been held to next week, I pounded out my big beat story, and then I had to go into Gary to cover an awards dinner. Tried to make it to a third story, but that one's running for Saturday, so I can do it tomorrow. Still, I'm all flummoxed. So much for having this shit all worked out.

So Roger Clyne? So best.
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Thursday, April 08, 2004
I feel so much better now.
Listening to the radio on my way to my first assignment this morning, what do I hear but that our federal guvmint spent $5 million per nuclear warhead in order to get them EPA compliant.

Nope, there's no punchline.
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My pal Mer
Since I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have to hang out tomorrow with all the stuff I have to do, I thought I'd put in one more long post, this one a tale about my pal Mer.
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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Popularity’s hell, I tell you.
It's either fest or famine in the free-lance biz: Today and Friday? No stories scheduled. Tomorrow and maybe Saturday? Four apiece. It almost makes me hope that nothing comes up Friday so I can get caught up on stuff. Plus, I'm sure I'll be hearing from Perry's publicist again within the next couple of days, so I want to have plenty of time to devote to him.

So anyway, while I'm putting off typing in my notes from the interview I just finished (as well as trying to get out of heavy duty work over at Greta's ... oops, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud, was I?), let's talk about porn, or the apparent lack thereof our esteemed Attorney General John Asscroft would like to see. (Discussion courtesy of mikey.)
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Pants? Officially peed upon.
Perry Farrell's publicist got back to me with this message:
Perry's asking if you could send the interview questions to me via email - he'll look at them and decide if he wants to correspond via email - or if he'll do them via phone. -sound good? if you can get them to me by today, that would be great.

Would it be bad form for me to dance around naked in the streets with joy, cellulite be damned!?!?
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Maaaaaa! Pete’s picking on me!
For being the 1,000th commenter over at Angry Pete's he decided to do this.

Good thing he's not, like, Oprah or something, with cameras and shit; I'd be all kinds of embarassed.

P.S. to Tony: Northwest Indiana doesn't want YOU to rot in hell. Phhhhhhhhhbbbbt!
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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
They’re bringing back the band!
Up until last summer, the core of my social life consisted largely of a local band called Wookie Luv. They did covers mostly, but not the USUAL covers local bands do. And yeah, it probably became an obsession with me, seeing them at least twice a month, but they're friends of mine, so it was always a good time, even if I did get tired of hearing the same set over and over and over. There's no not loving a band who dedicates "Sedated" by the Ramones to you every time you're there. There just isn't.

Well, WOOKIE LUV IS BACK! I found out today.

Ok, not for the long haul or anything, as far as I know, because they were burnt out, the lead guitarist and the lead singer got married and knocked up, etc. etc. But they're going to be playing alongside Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at McCool's in South Haven (woo! South Haven!) April 17th. Plus, they gots Spanky back on bass! Woo! He dedicates "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC to me. AND I'm going to interview Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers for a preview story! Woo!

Banner day, yo!
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