Somewhere between Bell's Palsy and death
Sunday, March 06, 2005
I beg to differ, you pastyfaced little twerp
Clearly, this little monster is skewing the test results to screw with the people who get perfect scores, because there is NO WAY that I got anything less than 100 percent in ALL of these categories. A 72 percent "Expert" score on this? "British" or "American" spellings or not, 72 percent MY ASS. [Horked from Wad, whose degree is in COMPUTERS.]
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Anyone know what лещен is?
Because it keeps coming up in my stats. Now, I googled it, and supposedly it's something Macedonian, of which I'm supposed to be part in nationality, but damned if I don't know any of the language except for the Serbian Mer taught me, which equates to "No butt sex." (Don't ask.) Anyway, if anyone knows what it is, could you hep a sister out and let me know if it's filthy or if I'm offending all of Macedonia or anything? Or if it's like secret terrorist language that's hiding somewhere in my script? Thanks.
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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Closest I’ll ever get to being a Playboy Bunny
Horked from the lovely Ms. Fish, aka Mrs. Cactus, the wife of the dude who can't stop sticking boxes on his head.
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Friday, March 04, 2005
Is it WRONG for a broad to …
really, REAAAALLLY want more BBQ on the day in which she can't even eat meat!?! Because I'm SERIOUSLY dying over here.
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Or maybe BBQ would work better
I was just telling Snidgey about the most WONDERFUL BBQ I had the pleasure of devouring today. Ever hear of The Original Leon's BBQ in Chicago? His daughter and son-in-law opened up a Leon's BBQ Of Chicago in Hammond. Same recipe, same everything.

Oh. My. God. I think I need to marry the rip tips -- either that or slather them all over my naked body. Pure heaven, yo. HEA.VEN. Puts Carson's to shame, and that's a tall order there. Wow.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Coming together quite rightly
Just got off the phone with Tara, and we were discussing next weekend's festivities. Turns out her friend who's coming with has a minivan that we can all pile into, be drunk as skunks and no one will be the wiser because who the hell parties in a minivan, right!?!? And I was like, "You know, good point. I hadn't thought of that. Excellent." So Headcase, you now have to bring the minivan. We were also discussing dinner options, and Pepe's is right next door, so that would be the logical choice, but there are other things, too, for those who may not crave Mexican(s) as much as I do.

Can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to a night out with good friends, good food and good tunes? I mean, with all the fucking drama of late, I seriously need to get my groove on.
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
And on the 8th day, I christened thee ‘Wad,’ and he is good
So, me and the Wad. Where to start, where to start?
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Holdin’ back the years
I know I ask this a lot, but is it just me, or is Hootie the star of the new Burger King Chicken Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial!? You know, "Where the breasts they grow on treeeees ..."!?! Seriously, listen to it and look at him -- I swear it's Hootie, and oh! how the mighty have fallen, because that commercial is about as fucked-up as they come. Whoa.

Anyway, here's a little thing about Dad, since I haven't talked about him lately: Yesterday was Dad's sister's and brother-in-law's 50th (!) wedding anniversary, and Mother and I went to the festivities. Other than it being a completely charming affair, which it was, I got to see their wedding album and discovered that Dad stood up to their wedding. He couldn't have been more than 25 or so if he was even close to that, and there he was, all tall and jug-eared in a black tux. And the hair! Ohmigod, he had a full head of black hair that wasn't cut in a flat top, exactly, but it wasn't a ducktail, either. Almost didn't recognize him; then again, I never knew him when he was that young. It was nice to see, though.
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