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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Do it again
Anyone who's ever read Og's blog knows that traveling west off the I-80/94 into Illinois is hell on earth, right? I'm here to tell you that homie ain't lying. Christ on a crutch, man. Any plans you may have of going to Iowa in the near future? Scrap 'em now or get there through Michigan or Minnesota or whatever, because going that far out of the way will probably get you there sooner than I-80 will.

That nightmare, of course, meant that I caught only about two songs of our intrepid heroes' set, but what I heard -- "Life in the Fast Lane" and a U2 song my muddled brain can't remember at the moment -- done did us proud. As I told Lenny last night (Lenny being the sole original member left of BtL), he's finally got a group together that reigns him in and is serious about playing music and not just the whole rockstar aspect. Good stuff. The guys also made sure I had access to the VIP area since I didn't get a VIP bracelet which, love them.

Steely Dan, meanwhile, played none of their new stuff, only the best of the best: They started with "Bhodisattva" then right into "Time Out of Mind," my favoritist Steely Dan song EVER. I was in heaven. Michael McDonald was even good, though he did only his well-know stuff from the Doobies. Eh. And dude's got some white, white hair. But I got the cutest concert shirt; just hope it fits.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
My boys have made it to the big time
Got an e-mail from my pal Lenny about 20 minutes ago telling me that my favorite cover band is not only playing The New World Music Theatre/Tweeter Center/First Midwest Ampitheater Saturday night, but who're they opening up for*!?? That's right:

Steely Dan!

My head just exploded.
Posted by Broad1:46 PM
Taking the whole competition thing a bit too seriously
Dear Mr. Kasarda:

It was really nice meeting you yesterday evening during the Naturalization Ceremony. What an impression you made when you asked me, "With all the other people here, you can't find someone else to talk to?" right in front of the guy we were interviewing! How awesome! So, did you like how I went back and used him as my lede? Or was that too predictable? Because I did that just for you.

You pole-smoking, whiny bitch.

Now, I know and have worked among a ton of your colleagues, and none of them has ever behaved like a little screaming girl when I've joined them on an interview. If they have a problem with it, they at least will continue the interview and then wait for me to move on if they have super-secret questions or whatever. Usually, though, not only are they all right with it, but we help each other out with cursory information if one or the other comes in late to a meeting, for example. But hissy fits? No. They're professionals. You'd do well to ape their style.

All I can say is, be glad you work primarily in the other county, because you can rest assured that I will NEVER, EVER help you out with anything should our paths cross again.

The Broad
Posted by Broad3:40 AM
Monday, July 03, 2006
Worm fricasee
The party was lovely: Tons of food, former co-workers I haven't seen in a few months with their lovely children, plenty of beer, the whole deal. And I got to spend a whole 15 minutes with everyone before I had to go back to my boss' crib to file my two stories. By the time I got done, everyone was gone. There was cake still left out when I came back, though, and beer, of which I pounded two cans before I left.


Does it end there? Of course it doesn't: I look at my story on the cop shooting this morning, and the reporter who took my dictation (because I never really did figure out how to work my boss' computer; they had so much spyware and anti-virus stuff on it) made it all wordy and weird, which annoys me to no end, especially since he's a good writer otherwise.

And today's story? A woman who saved two starving kittens abandoned on the side of a highway and how police in three different munis laughed at her for wanting them to help her figure out what to do. I think I'll just go slit my wrists now.
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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Worm stew
You know how I said I was going to a party today? Yeah. Guess who got called up to work a cop shooting and be on call the rest of the day?


I told the poor editor who had to inflict this upon me that I promise to remain sober enough to work.
Posted by Broad4:49 PM
Saturday, July 01, 2006
Of course I didn’t forget it was Dad’s birthday yesterday (also: Pass the worms)
I did spend a good portion of the day trying to force myself to come up with something about him, though, and that's not the way you're supposed to commemorate someone, at least in my mind.

Also, I'm cranky because I had all these plans for Mer and Snidge coming in this weekend (as it is MY High Holiday), and there was going to be much laughter and merriment. But Mer's in the Dominican Republic with her mom as a gift for earning her Master's, and Snidge is out in DC at an Aimee Mann show tonight which, I mean, c'mon, Punta Cana and Aimee Mann vs. NWI? Yeah, that's not rocket science there. But I had PLANS, y'all, and now I'm stuck working all weekend with few plans and no friends* with which to share them.

Posted by Broad2:48 PM
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